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The Southeast Brainspotting Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and expanding the use of Brainspotting as an effective therapeutic modality. We aim to support and educate currently-trained practitioners, develop the use of Brainspotting in rural areas and with underserved populations, and ensure an inclusive and diverse Brainspotting community.

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Upcoming Trainings

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Peer Consult Groups

An opportunity to get support, review set ups and share new discoveries as well as practicing Brainspotting.  These groups are free to all Brainspotting Practitioners.

Click HERE for more information on Peer Consult Groups

SEBI DIVERSITY Fellowship Program

Thanks to the generosity of the Indian River Community Foundation and the Schoewe Family Foundation, along with our donors and fundraisers, the program will provide twelve (12) Fellowships for Behavioral Health Professionals who commit to learning and expanding their understanding of Brainspotting in order to serve and support people from historically marginalized or underserved communities toward experiencing life-changing healing, growth, and transformation.

SEBI is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a professional community that expands the understanding and empowered application of Brainspotting. SEBI is committed to the behavioral health needs of all Americans, and the aim of the SEBI Diversity Fellowship is to reduce mental health treatment disparities by increasing access to a diverse pool of knowledgeable, talented and committed Brainspotting professionals.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate an active commitment to serving historically marginalized and/or underserved populations. Applicants must also have a significant interest in leveraging Brainspotting to provide culturally-relevant, trauma-informed care to high need populations. This includes-but is not limited to-groups who have experienced significantly high levels of unmet needs or historical marginalization due to their race, ethnic/cultural background, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, emergency first responder experience or military/veteran status.

The ultimate goal of the Fellowship is to increase the number of trained Brainspotting professionals who provide direct services to diverse and historically underserved populations.

SEBI Congratulates THIRD Cohort of Fellows

We congratulate our third cohort of Fellows and are excited to introduce them to you! We welcome Ariel Bracey, Ya'Ron Brown, Jennifer Ladd, Nkrumah Lewis, Reena Patel, Shannon Smith, Keyaisha Thomas, Mary Angelyn Vaughan, Rebecca Vicente, LaTonya Washington, Dianna Williams, and Tiara Woney. Our Fellows are completing their Brainspotting training and already beginning to bring Brainspotting to their communities. They will be sharing updates with you as they continue this journey. Please see their bios for more information on them and the communities they serve.

Ariel Bracey

Ya'Ron Brown

Jennifer Ladd

Nkrumah Lewis

Reena Patel

Shannon Smith

Keyaisha Thomas

Mary Angelyn Vaughan

Rebecca Vicente

LaTonya Washington

Dianna Williams

Tiara Woney

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Supporting the resolution, restoration and healing of individuals and communities.

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