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Brainspotting VIDEOS

YouTube Videos

Those featuring Dr. David Grand (by Title)

Brainspotting with David Grand, PhD (Pesi)

Brainspotting with David Grand, Ph.D.

Cherie Lindberg and Dr. David Grand Discuss Compliance

Brainspotting Neuroexperiential Model - Compliance

Cherie Lindburg and David Grand Discussions of Neuroexperiential Model

Pt 1: Brainspotting Set-Ups and Framing

Pt 2: Brainspotting Neuroexperiential Model and THE FRAME

David Grand and Roby Abeles (includes discussion on access to BSP)

Brainspotting Leadership Award with David Grand and Roby Abeles

What is Brainspotting - David Grand

What is Brainspotting

Demonstration Videos (by Title)

Animated Explanation

Brainspotting Therapy - Developed by David Grand (PhD) - A sketch animation by Dr Mark Grixti

Brainspotting Session with Certified Practitioner Kim Ludeman

Brainspotting Session with Certified Practitioner Kim Ludeman 

Cynthia Schwartzberg and Lisa Terry

Brainspotting Demonstration Session

Introduction Brainspotting - Kenny Davis

Introduction to Brainspotting


Ep 1: Tracy Gantlin-Monroy of Atlanta GA

Brainspotting and Social Justice with Tracy Monroy

Ep 2: Yvonne Lewis’s Connection to Mississippi

Yvonne Lewis on Brainspotting Mississippi

Ep 3: Paige Roberts of WA

Paige Roberts on Athletes, Brainspotting, and Creating the World We Want to Live In

Ep 4: Margaret L Conley of GA and TN

Brainspotting, Therapy and Spiritual Healing with Margaret L Conley

Ep 5: Montoyia McGowan of Memphis TN

Montoyia McGowan Talks Brainspotting!

CPTSD Road to Recovery Episode 

Ted's Hero's Journey to Healing and Hope

Self-Spotting Demos (by First Name)

Alexis Overstreet

Brainspotting Self-spotting exercise

Cynthia Schwartzberg 

Brainspotting Self-spotting Exercise

Matt Healy

Self-Brainspotting demo.

Supporting the resolution, restoration and healing of individuals and communities.

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