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Participants can now attend in person or virtually. The conference schedule includes approximately 100 presentations from Brainspotting experts and innovators. All sessions will be recorded, and with your registration, you will have access to a library of all these presentations following the conference.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

08/10/2023 Dr. David Grand "Why Set-Up is a Verb and Not a Noun" - Integrating and Expanding Brainspotting
06/08/2023 Digging Roots with Steve Sawyer
04/13/2023 Brainspotting and Family Systems Constellation
02/09/2023 Brainspotting and Attachment
12/08/2022 Poetry, Prose, and Brainspotting
10/13/2022 From Survivor to Hero: Brainspotting in the Sandtray
08/11/2022 Expansion: Lecture and Demonstration
06/09/2022 Brainspotting and Parts: Demonstration and Discussion
04/14/2022 Brainspotting and Grey Area Drinking
02/10/2022 "Stop Being Weird About Money!"
10/14/2021 Brainspotting and TRE: Integrating Spotting and Body Tremoring
08/12/2021 Brainspotting and Borderline Adaptations
06/10/2021 Brainspotting and Groups
04/08/2021 Brainspotting: Intersectionality & Social Justice
02/11/2021 Brainspotting - Couple Co-regulating (BSP-CC)
12/10/2020 Self Brainspotting the Holidays
10/08/2020 Interweaving Brainspotting with Exposure and Response Prevention in the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
08/13/2020 Brainspotting with Stalking Victims
07/09/2020 Brainspotting and Dissociative Identity Disorder
05/14/2020 Pain and Brainspotting
03/12/2020 Nurturing Brain Health with Nutrition and Brainspotting
02/08/2020 Southeast Brainspotting Institute's Annual Fundraiser
01/09/2020 Working with Individuals on the Spectrum with Trauma through a Brainspotting Lens
11/14/2019 Brainspotting for Sport Performance Expansion Should Be Integrated into Every Sports Medicine Treatment Model
10/04/2019 Issues in Therapy Conference with David Grand
09/12/2019 Trauma Informed CBT: A Model for Integrating Brainspotting into a CBT Protocol
08/30/2019 Introductory Brainspotting Workshop
07/11/2019 Using Brainspotting to Heal Perinatal Trauma
06/13/2019 Spirituality and Brainspotting Webinar
02/15/2019 Brainspotting Specialty Developmental Trauma Clinical Seminar
12/07/2018 SEBI Holiday Party
12/06/2018 Brainspotting Question and Answer with Dr Roby Abeles and the Southeast Brainspotting institute

Supporting the resolution, restoration and healing of individuals and communities.

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