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    • 12/02/2019
    • (EST)
    • 02/01/2021
    • (EST)
    • 15 sessions
    • 2012-E New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410

    This peer consultation group meets the first Monday of every month from 6-8 PM at the Brassfield Center for Healing & Integration. The first hour is used for case consultation and then group members break off into practicum for the second hour. This group is a great option for anyone who has been to training in the Southeast region. 

    Group Member Testimonial: 

    The monthly peer consultation group gives me the opportunity to share how I am using Brainspotting in my practice; I am also able to connect and get ideas from other clinicians. Group discussion allows time for us to share many successes, process the challenges we encounter, and brainstorm. In addition, I benefit from practicing “being the client” once a month through experiencing various techniques used by other clinicians who have expanded their training.

    The group facilitator, Heidi Birkner, LPC, LCAS, PLLC, can be reached by email (heidi.birkner@gmailcom) and phone (336-314-3141).

    • 09/11/2020
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • 09/13/2020
    • 6:00 PM (EDT)
    • Murfreesboro, TN

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    Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of challenging symptoms. Brainspotting is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with BioLateral sound, which is deep, direct, powerful yet focused and containing.

    Brainspotting identifies activated eye positions designated as Brainspots. Located through either one or both eyes, Brainspots are observed from either the “Inside Window” of the clients felt sense and/or the “Outside Window” of the clients’ reflexive responses (i.e., blink, eye twitches or wobbles, pupil dilation, quick breaths, and subtle body shifts).

    Students will first learn the phenomenological approach that underpins strategies for Brainspotting, followed by strategies for identifying and processing Brainspots. Attention will be given to the utilization and integration of Brainspotting into ongoing treatment, including highly dissociative clients. Brainspotting is adaptable to almost all areas of specialization.

    Brainspotting provides therapists with powerful tools that enable their patients to quickly and effectively focus and process through the deep brain sources of many emotional, somatic and performance problems.

    Trainings are open to all counselors, psychologists, social workers and others in the healing professions with strong clinical backgrounds, as well as students/interns in the mental health field who are curious and seek to expand their knowledge.

Past events

07/09/2020 Brainspotting and Dissociative Identity Disorder
06/05/2020 Brainspotting Phase One Training
05/14/2020 Pain and Brainspotting
04/24/2020 Phase 1 Training - Memphis, TN
04/03/2020 Phase 1 Training - Tulsa, OK
03/13/2020 Clearing Limbic Countertransference – Atlanta, GA
03/12/2020 Nurturing Brain Health with Nutrition and Brainspotting
03/06/2020 Phase 2 Training - Nashville TN
02/28/2020 Phase 1 Training - Atlanta, GA
02/08/2020 Southeast Brainspotting Institute's Annual Fundraiser
02/07/2020 Phase 3 Training with Dr. David Grand
01/24/2020 Phase 1 Training - Coconut Creek, Florida
01/10/2020 Phase 1 Training - Raleigh, NC
01/09/2020 Working with Individuals on the Spectrum with Trauma through a Brainspotting Lens
12/20/2019 Held Space, Peer Consultation Group - Hammond Louisiana (every third Friday in person or through Zoom)
12/05/2019 Brainspotting Training For Therapists of Color
11/15/2019 Held Space, Peer Consultation Group - Hammond Louisiana (every third Friday in person or through Zoom)
11/14/2019 Brainspotting for Sport Performance Expansion Should Be Integrated into Every Sports Medicine Treatment Model
10/25/2019 Phase 1 Training, Nashville, TN
10/04/2019 Issues in Therapy Conference with David Grand
09/27/2019 Phase 2 Training - Atlanta Georgia
09/12/2019 Trauma Informed CBT: A Model for Integrating Brainspotting into a CBT Protocol
09/04/2019 Brainspotting Intensive - Atlanta, Georgia
09/02/2019 Triad BSP Peer Consultation Group - Greensboro, North Carolina (every first Monday)
08/30/2019 Introductory Brainspotting Workshop
08/02/2019 Phase 1 Training - Nashville, Tennessee
07/11/2019 Using Brainspotting to Heal Perinatal Trauma
06/13/2019 Spirituality and Brainspotting Webinar
06/07/2019 Phase 2 Training - Asheville, NC
06/07/2019 Phase 2 Training - Asheville, North Carolina
05/31/2019 Phase 1 Training - Hammond, Louisiana
04/12/2019 Phase 1 Training - Winston-Salem, NC
04/05/2019 Phase 2 Training- Jacksonville, Fl
02/15/2019 Brainspotting Specialty Developmental Trauma Clinical Seminar
01/25/2019 Phase 1 Training- Atlanta, GA
01/18/2019 Brainspotting Phase 2: Batesville, AR
12/07/2018 SEBI Holiday Party
12/07/2018 Brainspotting Phase 4: Atlanta, GA
12/06/2018 Brainspotting Question and Answer with Dr Roby Abeles and the Southeast Brainspotting institute
10/05/2018 Brainspotting Phase One Training Orlando, FL
09/21/2018 Brainspotting Phase Two: Nashville, TN
08/10/2018 Brainspotting Phase One: Nashville, TN
08/03/2018 Brainspotting Advanced Clinical Seminar, GA
06/08/2018 Phase 1 Training- Atlanta, Ga
04/27/2018 Brainspotting with Kids -Atlanta, GA

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