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Brainspotting and Grey Area Drinking

  • 04/14/2022
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online through Zoom


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Brainspotting for Gray Area Drinking

Have your clients ever said things like “I know alcohol isn’t doing me any favors, and I know if I cut back I’d feel much better, but I’m not an alcoholic or anything.  I’m here to talk about my [insert mental health diagnosis]”? 

Do you as a clinician feel comfortable talking to clients about their alcohol consumption outside the initial intake session? 

The Gray Area of Drinking exists between the two extremes of clinical Substance Use Disorder and Every Now-and-Then Light Consumption.  

People who drink in this gray area are unlikely to seek treatment for their relationship with alcohol, but changing their drinking patterns can be one of the most important changes our clients can make.  A healthy relationship with alcohol can impact nearly every area of need our clients come to us to treat, even if they don’t qualify for a diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder.  

So if clients don’t seek treatment or want to focus on their alcohol intake, what’s a well-meaning brainspotting practitioner to do? 

In this presentation, we’ll talk about 

  • How to identify gray area drinking patterns (and the stages a gray area drinker goes through when trying trying to make healthier choices)

  • The mistake most clinicians and coaches make when helping a client remove alcohol 

  • The Unblock Method that incorporates multiple Brainspotting setups to remove alcohol so you can focus on impacting the diagnoses that brought these clients to your couch in the first place

Plus, She will share the exact setups she uses as well as her framework to make self-brainspotting accessible for your clients in between sessions.

Carolyn Robistow helps high-achieving, health-minded perfectionists use Brainspotting to squelch brain blocks and bad habits.  

Carolyn is the founder of  Carolyn Robistow Consulting, LLC, an online coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get out of their heads, stop drinking, and start living optimized AF  (alcohol-free, of course!). She is also the host of Brain Unblocked: The Brainspotting Podcast.

Finally, Carolyn side hustles at her private practice, The Joy Effect, an in-person and virtual counseling practice in The Woodlands, TX, where she specializes in Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  



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